Modern Reflection of Abstraction

Modern Reflections of Abstraction provides your Sim with a unique perspective of fine art. It features two floors of exhibits of sculptures and paintings, gift shop, bar, art learning center and a two story shark tank. A Mod Squad team build. Sherry1968 architecture, Cera13 landscape, Kimwriter75 interiors. CC Free! To be placed at old art gallery in Sunset Valley.

Includes content from the following EPs and SPs

  • Late Night
  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions
  • Fast Lane
  • High End Loft

The following store items are required for the lot to appear as shown, but not needed for game play.

  • Potted Orchids Divine
  • Pineapple Pottery
  • Ultra Modern
  • Belle of the Parade
  • Haute Hip Panther Sculpture
  • Link
  • Study in Shattering
  • Infinite Reflections by Feng Shui
  • haute Hip Wall Tree Light
  • Goalie Grail Trophy
  • Flame
  • Stancke Sun Beam
  • That’s my Dame Table Sculptue
  • Study in Fragments
  • Capacitor Counter
  • Frequency Phosphorescent Fixture
  • Crescent Mooned Vanity Chair

Click here for more pictures

Download from the EA exchange here


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