ShipWrecked Tiki Lounge

ShipWrecked Tiki Lounge is a fusion lounge.  Build on a custom 40 x 20 lot placed near Recurve Strand in SV.  Features a bar with dance floor below deck, restaurant, and VIP room with bubble bar.  There is also a few on deck activities as a telescope, chess table, and dart board.  The beach area includes a fire pit and lounge chairs.  CC free other than TS3 store items.

As this is on a custom 40 x 20 lot…this images should help give you an idea about where to place the lot.  You can place the lot using the world edit tool in edit town mode.

I have lots more pics, please click here for a slide show!

ShipWrecked Tiki Lounge requires the following EPs and SPs:

  • Late Night
  • Generations
  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions

ShipWrecked Tiki Lounge does use the Tiki Outdoor Party and from The Sims 3 Store and It is recommended that you do have it installed before installing the lot.  Some items from Barnacle Bay are used.  Store items do include:

  • Hula Dancer Lamp
  • Ginchiest Sink
  • Treasures of the Realm Chest
  • The Gilded Window
  • Final Moments Lounge from Nothing Atoll
  • 20,000 Palms Under the Sea
  • Grog Barrel
  • Island Sunset Sofa
  • K2 Ivy
  • Piece of Paradise Fan Palms
  • Aphrodite’s End Table
  • Galileo’s Ovserver
  • Oceania Orb Lantern
  • Souped Up Napkin Holder
  • New Years Necar
  • Headhunter Battle Mask
  • Ivy Tower
  • Tiki Toem
  • Gearbuster Door
  • Spyglass
  • Little Tiki Idol
  • Island Sunset Stand
  • Fiesta Urban Streetscape
  • Beachcomber Barstool
  • Shop Sign

Download here from The Sims 3 Exchange

Download here from 4shared

As always, please do not reupload and make sure to leave me proper credit when applicable!  Enjoy!  Cera


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