Built for the How Well Do You Know Me? challenge at The Simmers Society.  2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and lots of stuff for pets!  Of course it wouldn’t be for Kim if there wasn’t tons of curves and lots of purple!  3rd party CC free.  Enjoy!

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Includes items from the following EPs and SPs:

  • Late Night
  • World Adventures
  • Pets
  • Ambitions
  • Generations
  • Town Life
  • High End Loft
  • Outdoor Living
The following store items are required for the lot to appear as shown but not needed for game play.
  • Potted Orchids Divine
  • Ginchiest Sink
  • A-Simetry Portal
  • Marsters Drawer Bed
  • Aurora Lush Style Wall Mirror
  • Vic’s Fireplace
  • The Insulator
  • Warm Wishes Bundle
  • Culianry Arts Stool
  • Bahhaus Corner Window
  • Bayside Shelving
  • Iams Nutritional Bowl
  • Aromatic Decor
  • Forte Sofa
  • Mini Mountains Table Light
  • Theo’s Contempo Coffee Table
  • Forte Single Living
  • Taza Table
  • Aphrodite’s End Table
  • Jubillee
  • Bed Barthelme
  • Nighty Light
  • Mostly Square Table Light
  • Bahhas Stupendous Door
  • Double Root End Table Bahhaus Boxy Window
  • Bayside Washer
  • Iams Pet House
  • Boxer Dresser
  • Iams Smart Pet Chew Toy
  • Aurora Lushy Style Waste Receptable
  • Bayside Dryer
  • Mirror Studdy #4
  • Dramatically Dynastic Coffee Table
Architecure – I wanted to give you something you love, a modern lot. But I also wanted it to have a touch of retro, to remind you of me…hense the butterfly roof. You’ll find the the exterior is an extreamly pale shade and and extreamly dark shade of purple.

Landscaping – You will find your lot surround by a solid wall and security fence as I know you like your privacy. The house is surround by a twisting and turning pathway that I advise you not to tavel all the way or you might get eaten up by the fire breathing tiki gods (they have been upgrated to fireproof)! You will notice the colorful sculputres decorating your porch and garden (which is very low maintance). Heading around the back you will find a pet house for the Chaos, Jerry, and Stella (I left Stella a special treat back there) and room for them to play. The low maintence yard continues to the back patio where Kim can host a cookout with friends if she feels like entertaining or she can enjoy painting day or night away. Or she can waste the way day away relaxing in her hot tub. I didn’t worry about parking because this is for your sim and sims have really big pockets…I wish I could fit a car in my pocket!

Interiors – I wanted to give you something industial, yet chic and full of purple. I wasn’t concerned with giving you lots of bedrooms, I just wanted to make sure it was spacious enough for you and your pets and room for company if you choose.

Upon entering the home you will go into a great room. To your left is the computer desk that overlooks the front yard, where hopefully you will find some Zuma inspiration. Hopefully, Jerry still has room to jump on the desk to keep company. If not, there is a kitteh play stucture for him and Chaos to play on right behind you! There is also several toys for them and Stella right near your desk so they can always be near you. To the right you will find your kitchen area. There is a fridge and stove, but also the best microwave and coffee pot simoleons can buy! You will also find an mp3 player to fill with tons of music and keep you rocking all day. There are several pet food dishes as well so that it’s easier to keep them full. Of course there is bar, can’t have an intonicated Kim without having a bar! Mix like made and it’s only a few steps away from the puter for friday, and thursday, and saturday and any other night chat for you or anytime you feel like it! To the left of the bar you will find a sitting area with a cozy fireproof fireplace and upgraded TV for watching CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. There are several bookcases as you love to read and a guitar because your sim is always on hers!

Going down the hall on the left side you will find a guest bathroom. It is a full bath and includes laundry and pet facilities. Your guest bedroom is decorated in green because it’s one of my favorite colors and it will be where my sim sleeps when she needs to spend the night  Going the other direction down the hall you will find your master suite. A bright space full of purple with a full bath attached including a bathtub and a shower! I know Stella, Chaos, and Jerry all sleep with you so there are plenty of beds for all 3 of them even though I know one will end up in your bed. There is also a door to the back patio for easy access to your hot tub.

I know there are no curtains, because none would work! But it doesn’t matter…all sims are exhibitionist and love to parade around in their undies. Which is reason #2 you got the privacy fence! The walls are pretty empty, because you have an artistic sim that can fill up the walls with her own art 

Everything that can become dirty and is upgradable has been upgraded to self cleaning as I know how much Kim loves to clean! Anything that can catch of fire has been upgraded to fireproof, even the stove that Kim will probably never use. Other objects have been upgraded graphics and such. In other words, all of it has been upgraded!

Download here from EA

Download here from 4shared


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