Sapphire Legacy Home

The Sapphire Legacy Home is dedicated and build for LiLsapphire for the HWDYKM challenge at The Simmers Society.  This house is huge and includes pretty much everything your sim could need/want, although not everything had space to be included.

When you first enter the house you will find a combination library/office on the left, a great room featuring living room with mixology table, formal dining room with collection alcoves and pass through to the kitchen.  Passing the dining room you will enter a 2nd great room that holds a spacious kitchen and family area with fireplace.  The main floor also houses a 2 car garage that contains a chemistry table and inventing table with a full bathroom between the dining room and garage.

You can take the elevator or the stairs to the 2nd floor.  When you first arrive on the 2nd floor you enter a 2nd family room.  This space is full of games for your sims to play.   Next to the game room you will find several more rooms.  This wing houses a girls room, boys room (both rooms have 2 beds) butlers room, full bathroom and laundry.  The opposite side of the game room features an art studio, nursery and spacious master suite with full bathroom.

The elevator is the only way to access the basement.  There are 4 wings to the basement.  You will find a tomb to hold the heirs including a shrine for your legacy founder.  The frames above the petestals can easily be filled with an heirs photo or replaced with a portrait.  There is also hidden vampire sleeping chambers and bathroom here.  The next wing features a collection room, it’s huge and has tons of display’s for your sims finds.  The 3rd wing features a gym with your basic gym equipment, but also includes a training dummy and chopping blocks.  There is a TV and stereo too for sims that choose to exercise in that form, there is an attached bathroom.  The 4th wing features a nectary, several nectar racks tasting table for 4 and empty shelves to hold supplies or goodies and room below to place chests.

Next we’ll head outdoors.  You’ll find access to the left and right gardens through the kitchen area great room on the first floor.  To the right you’ll find an empty garden space, small lawn, then small area for a horse, including stable and training equipment.   On the left there is an out door kitchen with seating for 6, chess table, play area with swing sandbox and spaceship tree house.  There is a firepit, pool, hot tub and sun bathing area.  In the front yard you will find a personal security guard to keep the annoying sims away.

Includes content from the following EPs and SPs:

  • Late Night
  • Pets
  • World Adventures
  • Generations
  • Ambitions
  • High End Loft
  • Outdoor Living
  • Fast Lane
  • Town Life

The following store items are required for the lot to appear as shown, but not needed for game play:

  • There’s lots of stuff used, the exchange is not sharing a list at the moment. I’ll add when I can.
  • Premium items used include the cow plant, baby swing, pinball machine and gumball machine

40 x 40 lot, built on 500 Sunnyside Blvd, Sunset Valley

Cost Furnished – $310, 867; Unfurnished – $139,797

Please note – The ceiling tile glitch took over this lot 😦  when I realized what was going on and how out of control it was I stopped doing the ceiling and fixed what could be fixed.

CC Free!  Please do not reupload as your own, and do give me credit when used.  Thank you and enjoy!  Cera13

Download here from the EA exchange

Download here from 4shared


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