Die Huisie Van Kuns

English county cottage created for StuArtJames for the HWDYKM challenge at The Simmers Society.  2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, formal entry, open living/dining room, laundry room, pool, garden, barn converted into garage with art studio in the old hay loft.  Situated on a large lot in Sunset Valley.

Includes content from the following EPs and SPs:

  • Late Night
  • Pets
  • World Adventures
  • Generations
  • Showtime
  • Ambitions
  • Outdoor Living
  • Town Life
  • Master Suite
  • Fast Lane

The following store items are required for the lot to appear as shown, but not needed for game play:

  • Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Ornate Over Oven Fume
  • Safari Living: Table Top Baobab
  • Loner Comfort Single Bed
  • Popsicle Ceiling Light
  • Pedro Estate Chandelier
  • Doorway to Adventures
  • Glass Birdie
  • Coastal Clothing Cart
  • Getaway Dining Chair
  • Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Classy Clean Dishwasher
  • Asymmetrical Allessandar Table Lamp
  • Dramatically Dynastic Coffee Table
  • Taft Jug with Flowers
  • Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Haute High Hanging Wall Shelf
  • River Rock Fireplace
  • Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Felicity Cultivator Refridgerator
  • Harmonious Trio Floor Baskets
  • The Big Cheese Coat Rack
  • Getaway Dining Table
  • Aunt Angela’s Cast Iron Cookery
  • Pedro Estate Door I
  • Do It Yourself Curtain
  • Vineyard Vittles Shelf
  • Hydrocombo Sink
  • Ford Focus Neon Nights
  • Pedro Estate Door II
  • Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Charming Culture Counter
  • Pedro Estate Arch I
  • Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Lush Bloom Lily Vase
  • Villa Trellis End Table
  • Safari Living: Stoic Giraffe Statue
  • Blue Treasure Toy Box
  • Dual Comfort Double Bed
  • Bayside Hamper
  • Gothique Window
  • Vineyard Heirloom Chiffonier
  • Greek Pitcher
  • Alchemy End Table
  • Ultra Trash Depository XL
  • Aurora LushStyle Waste Receptacle
  • Fresh Farm Sink
  • Ruby’s Grand Dresser
  • Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Toasty Fine Flame Finish Stove
  • Happenin’ Hamper

60 x 60 lot, built on 20

Summerhill Ct, Sunset Valley

Cost Furnished – $196,239 ; Unfurnished – $100,123

CC Free!  Please do not reupload as your own, and do give me credit when used.  Thank you and enjoy!  Cera13

Download here from the EA exchange

Download here from mediafire

Rationale –

My darling Stu! I’m so sorry this is so late, but I finished!! I believe you are off and away teaching English to Italian children, I hope your having a wonderful time!

Die Huisie Van Kuns is my lot for you. Google translate told me that die huisie van kuns is Afrikaans for cottage of art. It hope its right, and I hope I remembered the correct dialect you spoke as a South African 

My entry is totally different than the others. I created an English cottage as I remember a discussion of how much you loved the country cottages in England, that even though you create modern homes in TS3, that having a cottage in the country would be your dream home. Die Huisie Van Kuns sits on a large 60 x 60 lot to help keep away the neighbors, and give you the country feel. Inside and out you will find things that are meant for not just you, but your sims too! There is a garden for Eric to make perfect, in the barn loft you will find an art studio/office for Stu, and of course I remember the piano for whenever Josh comes by to play you a tune. The palette may seem a little strange, but I used the colors in the South African flag. I tried to add a touch of Africa to keep you from getting homesick and your roses have a special place in the front of the house for everyone who enters to enjoy. Other than your roses, the walls have been left pretty much blank so Stu can fill them with his art. Outdoors includes a pond for you to fill with a collection of fish, and a spot of grass for meditation.


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