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Huckleberry Farms

Community garden full of harvestables including World Adventures and Supernatural.   Huckleberry Farm celebrates the seasons, and festivals can be found year round!  CC Free, no store or SP items.  EP only!
Huckleberry Farm changes and hosts seasonal festivals
*forgot the winter fesitval pics!  There’s ice skating!!
Includes content from the following EP’s and SP’s:
  • Supernatural
  • Pets
  • Seasons
  • Showtime
  • Generations
  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions
The following store items are required for the lot to appear as shown, but not needed for game play:
  • No store items were used in this build
Built on 2345 Waning Way, 64 x 64 lot in Moonlight Falls.  Make sure you set the lot type to community, visitors allowed.  If set to festival some items will be removed!

Hidden Springs Town Square

Hidden Springs Town Square by Cera13. Build to replace Supalpine Square in HIdden Springs. Beautifully landscape. Now includes fountian, picnic tables with BBQs, a stage for bands and a play area for the kiddies. Bathrooms and free parking, of course and lots of room to run and play too for when Pets arrives!! CC free, Enjoy Cera13
Includes content from the following EP’s and SP’s:
  • Generations
  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions
The following store items are required for the lot to appear as shown, but not needed for game play.

ShipWrecked Tiki Lounge

ShipWrecked Tiki Lounge is a fusion lounge.  Build on a custom 40 x 20 lot placed near Recurve Strand in SV.  Features a bar with dance floor below deck, restaurant, and VIP room with bubble bar.  There is also a few on deck activities as a telescope, chess table, and dart board.  The beach area includes a fire pit and lounge chairs.  CC free other than TS3 store items.

As this is on a custom 40 x 20 lot…this images should help give you an idea about where to place the lot.  You can place the lot using the world edit tool in edit town mode.

I have lots more pics, please click here for a slide show!

ShipWrecked Tiki Lounge requires the following EPs and SPs:

  • Late Night
  • Generations
  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions

ShipWrecked Tiki Lounge does use the Tiki Outdoor Party and from The Sims 3 Store and It is recommended that you do have it installed before installing the lot.  Some items from Barnacle Bay are used.  Store items do include:

  • Hula Dancer Lamp
  • Ginchiest Sink
  • Treasures of the Realm Chest
  • The Gilded Window
  • Final Moments Lounge from Nothing Atoll
  • 20,000 Palms Under the Sea
  • Grog Barrel
  • Island Sunset Sofa
  • K2 Ivy
  • Piece of Paradise Fan Palms
  • Aphrodite’s End Table
  • Galileo’s Ovserver
  • Oceania Orb Lantern
  • Souped Up Napkin Holder
  • New Years Necar
  • Headhunter Battle Mask
  • Ivy Tower
  • Tiki Toem
  • Gearbuster Door
  • Spyglass
  • Little Tiki Idol
  • Island Sunset Stand
  • Fiesta Urban Streetscape
  • Beachcomber Barstool
  • Shop Sign

Download here from The Sims 3 Exchange

Download here from 4shared

As always, please do not reupload and make sure to leave me proper credit when applicable!  Enjoy!  Cera

Simstrosphere Lighthouse

A lighthouse and a park decked with all kinds of family entertainment. You have to see it to believe it. Come enjoy playgrounds and a bbq set to scenic views. There is something for everyone at Simstrosphere Lighthouse. Made by KCK Concepts. Kaybea architecture, Cera13 landscaping, kimwriter75 interiors.  CC free!  Enjoy!

View more pictures here

Download here

Modern Reflection of Abstraction

Modern Reflections of Abstraction provides your Sim with a unique perspective of fine art. It features two floors of exhibits of sculptures and paintings, gift shop, bar, art learning center and a two story shark tank. A Mod Squad team build. Sherry1968 architecture, Cera13 landscape, Kimwriter75 interiors. CC Free! To be placed at old art gallery in Sunset Valley.

Includes content from the following EPs and SPs

  • Late Night
  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions
  • Fast Lane
  • High End Loft

The following store items are required for the lot to appear as shown, but not needed for game play.

  • Potted Orchids Divine
  • Pineapple Pottery
  • Ultra Modern
  • Belle of the Parade
  • Haute Hip Panther Sculpture
  • Link
  • Study in Shattering
  • Infinite Reflections by Feng Shui
  • haute Hip Wall Tree Light
  • Goalie Grail Trophy
  • Flame
  • Stancke Sun Beam
  • That’s my Dame Table Sculptue
  • Study in Fragments
  • Capacitor Counter
  • Frequency Phosphorescent Fixture
  • Crescent Mooned Vanity Chair

Click here for more pictures

Download from the EA exchange here

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