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Luke Wharme

Luke was created for the Say Cheese challenge at The Simmers Society, where he nearly met his demise running into a vamp at Waylons Haunt in Bridgeport.  I’ve removed the cc I used to create him (in respect to CC creators wishes) so he is CC free!  If you wish to have him as he appears in the challenge pics (posted below) there is a list of CC used included in this post.

Please keep in mind that I do use default replacement skin and eyes, neither will appear in your game.  If you want the sim to appear as he does below, install the default CC.






Store content used on Luke include –

  • Flutter Riffs

Expansion Packs and/or Stuff Packs used on Luke include –

  • Generations
  • Late Night
  • World Adventures

Lukes gory details –

  • Ambitious
  • Easily Impressed
  • Great Kisser
  • Hot Headed
  • Photographers Eye

Lifetime Wish to be a Master Mixologist, favorites are –

  • Cheesesteak
  • Indie Music
  • The color black

Download/recommend Luke from the EA Exchange Here

Or Download from 4shared Here

Say Cheese is a weekly sim screenshot contest at The Simmers Society, enjoy Luke in his CC glory.

And now Luke is ready to get out of Bridgeport and start a new life!  If you want the CC that was used in his creation here you go!

Please do not reupload as your own, and please leave me some credit if he’s used in public.  Thanks and enjoy!

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