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The Blimey Micro

The Blimey Micro was created the Build a Pirate Lot challenge at TSS.  The Blimey Micro is a beach bum palace with a hint of pirate for former pirate Elias Washburn (he can be found here).  Just enough space for 1 sim to have a little company.  1 bed, 1 bath and several outdoor pots for gardening.  CC free!  Enjoy!

First floor overhead

Second floor overhead

Includes content from the following EP’s and SP’s

  • Supernatural
  • World Adventures
  • Late Night
  • Gernerations
  • Showtime
  • Pets
  • Townlife

The following store items are required for the lot to appear as shown but not needed for gameplay

  • The Dramatic Palm
  • Bramble Bodied Guitar
  • Ford Focus Neon Nights
  • The Two Elements Sink
  • JML Technologic 4 : 3 TV
  • Oceania Orb Lantern
  • Monarch Dresser
  • Little Tiki Idol
  • Beachcomber Barstool
  • Sunlit Tides

Build on a custom 10 x 10 lot on Paradise Circle in Sunlit Tides.  Between the Hideaway and Midnight Moon Bistro see image below for location.

Lot cost

  • Furnished $28,733
  • Unfurnished $19,639
CC free!  Please do not reupload as your own, and do give me credit when used.  Thank you and enjoy!  Cera13

Download here from EA

Download here from mediafire


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