Team Building Challenge

You will find some of the lots linked here are not on my page, as they are have been completed by KCK Concepts.  KCK Concepts is the team created when I joined up with KayBea and KimWriter75 to participate in the Team Building Challenge at The Sims 3.  KayBea completes the architecture, KimWriter75 is responsible for interior decorating, and I take care of the landscaping.  I will be sharing all of the lots we complete here!

The Team Building Challenge is an ongoing challenge that can be found here if you would like more information.

As Kaybea has become busy in RL, she will not be participating in team builds for a little while 😦  KimWriter75 and I have teamed up with a few other people to rotate in a team until KayBea has time to come back.

SF Triple Take Challenge

Hosted by Minraed at SF Magazine.  Spaces are created based on the clients wants.  Your given helpful client information, their likes and dislikes, favorites, and a little personal information to create the room of your clients dreams.  Each challenge lasts about 4 weeks long, and all your required to do is post 3 pictures of your room and keep a list of CC used.  SF Triple Take Challenge can be found here.

Picture Perfect

Created by SmokyTopaz at The Simmers Society, that I assist with.  Picture Perfect was inspired by the Triple Take Challenge at SF.  Picture Perfect lasts 2 weeks long assignments vary a great deal.  Some times they are outdoor, sometimes indoor.  Most of the time you can decorate any style you wish and sometimes the style and colors are chosen for you.  All your required to do is post 3 pictures, sometimes an overhead is required.  Winners are chosen by the members of The Simmers Society.  Picture Perfect can be found here.

Two Trait Sim Challenge

The Two Trait Sim Challenge was created by Darkside266 at The Simmers Society and hosted by Bulfrog.  Following the monthly theme at TSS, Bulfrog gives you two traits that must be included in your sim.  New challenges are posted the start of each month.  Give her the traits, pics and and upload link before the end of the month and your good to go!  Uploaded sims posted for the challenge might even be selected as Sim Top Pick.  The Two Trait Sim Challenge can be found here.


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